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It’s part 2 of the Bawdy/Risk! live collaboration show in Brooklyn!

Bawdy Storytelling went to Brooklyn recently to collaborate with the Risk! podcast, and recorded it live for both podcasts. In this episode, you’ll hear the second half of the live ‘Pervert’ show, plus an interview that Kevin Allison did with Dixie De La Tour about her story ‘Freak Wedding’. Dixie and Kevin talk about why we each do what we do, our love for sex and storytelling, and the joy of putting people onstage – and on our podcasts – to tell their stories. There’s a bit of storytelling theory, some intensely personal reveals, and a whole lot of mutual love and respect. 

Thanks for a good time, Kevin!


Song: ‘Eating Out’ written and performed by Reformed Whores

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Story: ‘Surprised by Joy’ by E’eldji

Kevin Allison interviews Dixie (Segment 1)

Story: ‘Freak Wedding’ by Dixie De La Tour

Kevin Allison interviews Dixie (Segment 2)

Song: The World is Rated X by Marvin Gaye

Be sure to go over to for Risk’s take on the evening, and for personal behind-the-scenes from Risk’s host Kevin Allison – please subscribe to the Risk! podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. 


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