Bawdy Storytelling

Queer storyteller Amy Melin stumbles upon a Buzzfeed listicle that includes a kink she’s never encountered before. The deviant film it leads her to leaves her stunned, embarrassed and extremely aroused, so she struggles to hide this newfound fetish from her friends and beloved HusButch. But on New Year’s Eve, her community gathers to create performance art, poetry and erotic necromancy to celebrate Amy's secret with a dramatic reading of Anaïs Nin, and they encourage her to enact her own sex magick. Bring out your dead!


Hosted by Dixie De La Tour

Opening Music: 8 Miles Wide by Storm Large


Song: ‘So Glad’ (written and performed by Shirley Gnome)

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Podcast Producer: Marty Garcia

Sound Engineer: David Grosof

Project Manager: Dana Hanna

Archivist / Video: Joe Moore


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‘Never Say Never’ October 18th in San Francisco


‘Wicked’ October 25th in Seattle


‘Packs a Wallop’ on November 9th


Risk! & Bawdy Storytelling in Brooklyn, New York


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