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Did you know that there’s an enclave of Bawdy SuperFans in Nashville, Tennessee? This episode is a Behind-The-Scenes story, the story behind the stories, if you will. For those who love the Dixie Ramble, get ready for a Puppet and Clown and Music Video filled birthday party (spoiler alert: wemay have broken the Birthday curse). Plus, the story of 2 talented Nashville musicians who were inspired to write sex-positive songs after listening to Every.Single.Episode of the Bawdy Storytelling podcast. Nashville was definitely a highlight of my recent Cross Country to East Coast Tour, and finally, you too can hear a custom song written just for Bawdy. #ILoveCustomSongs


Song: ‘Bawdy, if you’re feelin’ Naughty’ (Wet Bread)


About our Songwriters:


Melody Walker and Lizzy Ross are both celebrated songwriters in the indie folk and Americana scene who decided they had far hornier songs to write than their previous mainstream projects would allow for. They had spent so many years not wanting to seem like “those kind of bisexuals”: you know, the lusty, insatiable, wanton kind of women who would start a band just to advertise their goods to a captive audience of other certified sluts and poly queerdos. But when Melody turned Lizzy onto her favorite podcast Bawdy Storytelling and then they found out Dixie was coming to Nashville, it was all over for their good reputation. They decided to risk it all to debut their new duo WET BREAD. 


Learn more about BERTHA (Melody Walker’s Grateful Drag cover band) at




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Bawdy is coming to Portland, Oregon!


PORTLAND, OREGON:  Bawdy Storytelling is coming to Portland for a 2 show night! 

Tickets now available for Friday, June 21st, and they’re selling fast. Grab yours at

Bawdy Storytelling's first Portland show since 2016 is happening at Curious Comedy Theater (who have been dreamy to work with so far). Folx, you like our Award-Winning Podcast, but there ain't nothing like a live Bawdy.... 

At 7:30 PM, it's our infamous Mainstage show, with polished & curated stories, music and our custom Bang-O game to help you make new open-minded friends. 

Then at 10:30 PM, join us for BawdySlam, where you can put your name in the hat to tell your own 5 Minute Story for fun and prizes. 


In Review:

  • Friday, June 21st, 2024
  • At Curious Comedy Theater

5225 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Portland, OR 97211

  • The Bawdy Storytelling Mainstage show (curated) is at 7:30 PM
  • BawdySlam (where you can tell YOUR story) is at 10:30 PM
  • Tickets at
  • Save $10 when you buy the BOTH SHOWS Option.


Do you wanna get onstage at this show? There’s 2 ways to do that:

  1. Send me your story pitch for the curated Bawdy. I’m particularly looking for Queer/POC/Alternative lifestyle storytellers for this show.
    Send me your story ASAP to
  2. Come to BawdySlam (at 10:30 PM) and put your name in the hat to tell your 5 minute story of sex, kink, gender or body image. You can win prizes!



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Where should I bring Bawdy next?

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Team Bawdy is:


Podcast Producer: Roman Den Houdijker
Sound Engineer: David Grosof

Storytelling support by Mosa Maxwell-Smith

Video & Livestream support from Donal Mooney

Bawdy’s Creator & Host is Dixie De La Tour

& Thank you to Pleasure Podcasts. Bawdy Storytelling is proud to be part of your s*x-positive podcast collective!


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