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Dixie is back, and so is the Podcast! In this episode: You’ve been told ‘Don’t do Bondage when you’re High’, but have you ever heard a true story that illustrated that point? Well, Science tells us that we learn best from a story, so this week, we have an informative ‘Don’t Try This at Home’ story for you. Punk Rock Leather Daddy Al Rahm Lujan was a mere 20 years old and fresh out of the Navy, and just beginning to explore his dominant nature. Young and unskilled at bondage (but eager to play), Al meets a submissive man with a unique fetish for tasseled loafers and business suits, so he picks up a pair of dress shoes at Kmart and they take their party to a secret lair. Al has his victim on a St Andrews cross and is using whips, floggers, nipple clamps and more on him - when the evening takes an unexpected turn. The submissive turns blue, the EMTs, Firefighters and Police are called, and their dangerous experience becomes a life lesson. Will Al get arrested for being Drunk and Kinky? Listen to discover the consequences of an impulsive (and intoxicated) adventure that helped Al get Sober. #GetSmart


Song: ‘All in the Suit that You Wear’ (Stone Temple Pilots)


About our Storyteller:


Al Rahm Lujan is a Bay Area Renaissance Daddy. His writing has appeared in numerous anthologies and publications, including Best American Erotica and Drummer Magazine. His visual art has been shown throughout the Bay Area, including Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and the Oakland Museum. His first short film, SM in the Hood is distributed by Frameline and if he hadn't maxed out his credit cards he might have completed his documentary CLN SBR PNX - True Stories of Chaos, Hope, Redemption and PUNK ROCK. He's a literal dad to a lovely young lady and a Mean Daddy to His Boy Robb.


Kink | Rope l Gay l Leather l Bondage l Loafers l Ferragamo l Yves St. Laurent l Daddy l Alcoholic l Bartender | Punk Rock l Latino l Lawyer l Navy l Vintage Kink Story l Rich l Batman’s Lair l Dominant l Eastern European I Funeral Suit l Sushi l Tasseled Loafers l Hot Carl l Omar Sharif l Dr. Zhivago l Ceviche l Law Office l Whiskey l St Andrews Cross l Whip l Flogger l Handcuffs l Nipple Clamps l Butt plug l Dildo l Spreader Bar l Sober l Dress Shoes l Suit and Tie l Snakeskin l Police Officer l EMT l Firefighter l Dom l Jewish l Cock Cage l Spiderman l 911 l Prison l Unconscious l My Eyes are Up Here l Batman’s Lair l


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