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How do you go from being a Gay Baptist Republican to the Biggest Freak Meme on the Internet? Infamous Pron Clown Ouchy the Clown tells his Origin Story, from his quiet Queer roots in Texas to the life-changing visit to Burning Man that changed everything. Returning to Oakland with 70+ new best friends and an appreciation for people who can juggle sh*t, our pal Doug dons a leather harness, Doc Martins and greasepaint, and naively slides down an underground s*x party’s fire pole into their Dungeon. Soon he’s Famous on the Net, gives birth to the P*rn Clown Posse, is being flown around the country to jump out of a Refrigerator Box, and is notorious for introducing strangers to his irreverent, lighthearted approach to K!nk. And this week, Dixie fights Corporate Healthcare to help Helen tell her Cancer story, right there in the Chemo chair. Never give up! #RestInPeaceOuchy


Song: ‘Carousel’ (Melanie Martinez)


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About our Storyteller:


Ouchy the Clown was born in the Animal car of a Circus train in 1998. His parents were Delbert the Strong Man Messhuganutz, and Hortense the Ticket lady. Ouchy’s formative years were spent on Alaskan Fishing boats, at Rodeos, in sloppy BDSM Dungeons, Sewers, Clown cars, Tiny bicycles, and Strip Bars with no windows. His favorite color is Ouch, and he loves Dad Jokes and pinching you while you are not looking. Ouchy is certified in nothing, and a legend in his own mind (and in the mind of anyone who knew him).


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