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Have you ever gotten laid at a Dungeons & Drag Queen sex party while dressed as an Entwife? Post body shaming and bullying, Cosplayer & Drag Performer Annalyn Bond finds community among fellow Superhero movie fans. & While sitting in a dark theater surrounded by comic book characters, Annalyn has an epiphany: Cosplay is about showing the world your uncensored self, so rather than just watching the action onscreen, why not craft your own storyworthy life? Making their desires known to the rest of the freaks and geeks, soon Marvel’s galaxy of stars appear at Annalyn’s gangbang Captain America birthday party to give the first Avenger the ultimate in birthday wish fulfillment - and a Happy Ending.


Song: ’Save Me’ (Aimee Mann)


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Annalyn Bond is a San Francisco-based cosplayer/drag performer/fashionable geek about town. They worship Bowie, make their own clothes, and love to wildly overdress for every occasion.

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