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What would compel a kinkster to become electrified in the bedroom (and Is vaginal lubricant conductive)? Queer Poet & Storyteller Blythe Baldwin loves Electrical Play, although Violet Wands are way out of her budget. But when her girlfriend demands some ‘really serious nipple clamps’, Blythe stumbles across a more affordable e-stim device online. Soon Blythe and her girlfriend are shocked and surprised, and their new toy delivers the warm champagne tingles and knifelike zaps of their dreams. Taco already! Plus an embarrassed Dixie learns something new about in-person events and makes an emergency trip to the Fire Department - and the sexy firemen there teach her a thing or two about lube and a tiny, tiny cousin to the Jaws of Life. #CradleIt #Safeword #AppleProductFromHell


Song: ’Danger! High Voltage’ (Electric Six)


Queer | Lesbian l Electricity l LGBTQIA+ l e-Stim l Violet Wand | Kink | Shock | Lacrosse l Sensation Play | JT’s Stockroom l BDSM l Nipple Clamps l Young Frankenstein l Neon Wand l Sports Medicine l Catcher l Rimming l Spooning l True Love l Trans Rights l Shut Up and Write l Buzz l Edna the MiniVan l Body Image l Zap | Body Contact Probe | Glass Electrodes l Submissive l Wartenberg Wheel l Ozone l Safeword l Lube l Buttplug l Vibrator l Dave Matthews l Conductive l Nipple Piercing l


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Blythe Baldwin is a poet, storyteller, community organizer, and film maker living in Oakland, California.  She has participated in LitQuake's LitCrawl and has performed slam poetry and storytelling for 12 years throughout the Bay Area and beyond.  Blythe has spun yarns at several storytelling events in the Bay Area including: The Shout, Story Showdown, and Bawdy Storytelling.  

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