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Ever broken the rules as a teenager and then spent your entire life having absolutely no regrets about it? Love warrior and community connector Julie Barr becomes a camp counselor at 16, excited to spend the entire Summer drinking and partying with her friends. But the powers-that-be forbid fraternization between campers and counselors, and Miller the ManChild proves too tempting. Plus Dixie posits: what’s a Mother’s Day birthday without a full-on meltdown?


Coming of Age Story | Nature l Summertime | Sleepaway Camp | Teenager | The South l Heterosexuality | Future Selves l Grief l Celebration of Life | Mother’s Day | Birthday | Imposter Syndrome l Death l Adventure l Sex Geek Summer Camp


Song: ’Kids in Love’ (Mayday Parade)


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Love warrior and community connector, Julie Barr has worked for over 30 years with children, families, adults and couples to create richer, more rewarding relationships in all areas of their lives. She is comfortable working with the LGBTQ and kink/poly communities, persons exploring any life stage, couples wanting to repair their intimacy, and individuals working towards a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life. Several years ago, she wrote a blog as “Jezebelle Jay” for Good Vibes Magazine as one of the “Sexy Mama” guest bloggers. Plus, over the last few years, Julie has led workshops, groups, meet ups, and community events focused on relationships, with a goal to increase connection and promote community.

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counselor in training belly fluttering remember me girl arm Jana opportunity missed lost bathroom cried evening talk old friends bed forget drunk quiet place waiting hands body kissed lost stripped naked fingers refraction recovery position couch light come up sunrise basement windows circuit connected climb bed breakfast mimosa sweet smile goodbye hug Memphis Chattanooga remember Party drinking smoking friends long day sleeping bag water kitchen presence Miller heart flutter alone girlfriend passed out drunk moment evening apply junior Tennessee YMCA Summer Camp freedom director safe good time nature lake hot humid bikini top jean shorts counselors weekends cabinmate senior counselor group adventures woods moonshine sneaking into bars live music hotel room virginity summer camp closing last week registration table parking lot man gorgeous River Phoenix body camper friend Memphis family fraternizing campers feel horseback riding jewelry making class beginning swimming free time kids lifeguard drown hard laying dock water taut body water droplets duffel bag end of it monthly weekends University of Tennessee college bars dancing senior year high school beginning of next summer signed up dismay new policy counselors money babysitting 3 kids sad story end of summer last hurrah house near you overnight party dress sleeping bag first beer Miller


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