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Do you want more than to get married and have babies with a ‘Holler Adonis’? Professor & co-founder of the Ecosexual Movement Beth Stephens receives a mid-doggie teenage marriage proposal in a river in West Virginia, and instantly knows she needs to run. From a big city art school to discovering lesbian sex and drugs to a 3-day sex-a-thon (cum couples therapy session) with her wife Annie Sprinkle, Beth’s love affair with nature never waivers, it only grows - and the Earth has the final word. #OriginStory #Appalachia #Hillbilly #Feminist #Leather #PunkRockDyke #ClimateChange #Queer #LoveYourMother


Song: ’Treefucker’ (Jefferson Bergey)


About our Storyteller:


A Founder of the Ecosex movement, Beth Stephens (in Artistic collaboration with her wife, Annie Sprinkle) believes that Saving the Planet is Sexy. Beth has spent many years creating art around her passion for the environment and In 2008, Beth and Annie began marrying the Earth in performance art weddings which set them on the path to explore the realm of ecosexuality, taking the Earth as their lover and making their mutual pleasure an embodied expression of passion for the Earth. Ever since, they have been not just pushing but obliterating the boundaries circumscribing biology and ecology, creating ecosexual art in their performances of an environmentalism that is feminist, queer, sensual, sexual, post-human, materialist, and steeped in humor.

Beth and Annie have a nearly 20-year collaboration in producing EcoSexual performances, exhibitions, events and theory, and they travel the planet performing, lecturing, holding walking tours, offering free sidewalk sex clinics, mounting visual art exhibitions, writing books, and premiering their films. Beth has been a Professor at UCSC since 1993, and later moved on to chairing the department. Learn more about Beth (and Annie’s) work and art at

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