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Have you ever been surrounded by tree rodents while you tried to 1) enjoy a D/S scene with your Sir and 2) maintain your perfect AirBnB guest rating? Queer Femme Dyke & Sex-Positive Artist Shilo McCabe is looking forward to a romantic weekend getaway with her Canadian Daddy - honestly, all they really want is privacy and a hot tub. So what’s up with all the rodent tchotchkes? And when this good girl with cotton panties down around her ankles turns into a nasty piggy slut, both of them can feel hundreds of eyes judging them… What will happen if Shilo dares to spill a drop? #TheDaddyChair #SassyVagina #splashzone #Watertight


Song: ‘Jenny (I wanna ruin our friendship)’ - Studio Killers


About our Storyteller:


Voted most likely to survive the apocalypse, and two-time Best of Bawdy performer, Shilo McCabe is a Queer Femme Dyke and sex-positive artist passionate about visibility and community building in both the Queer & Leather/kink worlds. She is honored to have served as the Director of Photography for International Ms Leather Productions, LLC for six years (2014-2020). Her art has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and has been included in The Kinsey Institute Gallery's permanent collection as well as many print publications. Shilo is also member of the cimotA Art Collective, a post-apocalyptic art guild that, in Feb 2021, created an immersive gallery exhibition in San Jose, CA entitled Beyond Rust And Dust - Rising from a Broken World that grew out of the shards of the year that was 2020.

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Podcast Producer: Roman Den houdijker
Sound Engineer: David Grosof
Archivist / Video: Joe Moore

Bawdy Livestream pre-show video by Donal Mooney

Live-streaming by Ty McKenzie and Rubeun Tan

Storytelling support by Mosa Maxwell-Smith

Dixie’s Virtual Assistant is Roillan James

& Bawdy Creator & Podcast Host Dixie De La Tour

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