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Do you get turned on by the smell of Nubian milk goats? Artist and Corset fitter Jessica Cohen is a 20 year old college student in Berkeley when she meets Tony, a sexy longhaired stoner who conjures Pan, the greek god of wildness and nature - and then when he leans over to pass the joint, she gets a musky whiff of cut grass, alfalfa and sunshine. The pheromonal attraction is off the charts, and that first kiss has her sure that this is gonna be the best sex of her life! But before she can settle into his king sized waterbed , she has to slip off to insert her little rubbery yalmulke (remember diaphragms?) in his lichen and mold-covered bathroom.  And then: Sproing! Jessica is ‘Pan’icked; did she anger the Gods? #Pheromones #Olfactory #80s #WaybackMachine #FranksWildYears #SiouxsieSioux #Tattoo


Song: ‘Cupid’s Chokehold/Breakfast in America (Gym Class Heroes)


About our Storyteller:


Growing up in the Bay Area, Jessica Cohen has had plenty of opportunity to hear and tell some stories. Along the way she got a BA in Art. She’s had a wide range of jobs: Nanny, Salesperson, Barista, Fortune Teller, Comic Con Celebrity Wrangler, and currently she’s working at Dark Garden Corsetry, and as a Freelance Illustrator.


Jessica is a collector of stories and a weaver of lore for her Wasteland,

Gaming and Reenactment communities. Jessica has been on the Bawdy stage 4 times so far, and was even voted Best of Bawdy by our audience. We hope to have her back onstage soon!


During Lockdown, she opened her own business Feline Oracle, a Divination System for communicating with the Spirit world with the aid of your personal highly attuned Oracle: your magnificent cat.

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On Friday January 27th (that’s next week!), join us for the #ReidRoast: A Celebration of Reid Mihalko. Dixie is hosting a Story Toast (Roasts are mean, but Toasts are kind and loving!) birthday celebration to honor our favorite sex edutainer, relationship coach, mentor, slut, and warmhearted human being. This event will be live in San Francisco and live-streamed to wherever you are. 

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Thank you to the Team that makes this podcast possible!

Team Bawdy is:


Podcast Producer: Roman Den houdijker
Sound Engineer: David Grosof
Archivist / Video: Joe Moore

Bawdy Livestream pre-show video by Donal Mooney

Live-streaming by Ty McKenzie and Rubeun Tan

Storytelling support by Mosa Maxwell-Smith

Dixie’s Virtual Assistant is Roillan James

& Bawdy Creator & Podcast Host Dixie De La Tour

& Thank you to Pleasure Podcasts. Bawdy Storytelling is proud to be part of your sex-positive podcast collective! 




kiss crotch hair hands thick smooth fingers waterbed slosh body to body chest fumbling dress opens in back pants 501s cock special sound best sex of my life get up bathroom diaphragm interrupt  sorry bathroom heavy lidded dreamy eyes right back slide off bed mini dress giant bean bed pink taco city not careful clutch purse spermicidal jelly clamshell lipstick classy spread fine meal beautiful table messed up greek god freshman CCAC art school girlfriend housing situation apartment building stately dilapidated young men giant raging party men across the street seen one cup of tea stoned girls doorway big loose coke can curls limpid eyes private joke sit couch talking story ran away from engineering school east coast make a living at a musician then get a tattoo commitment deep stuff joint leans across me whiff of me cut grass alfalfa sunshine musky I know baby milk goats Nubian goat kid till they hit puberty they smell like springtime big burly shoulders highlander goat greek god Pan smelled like panic music hot sexual love set my hair embark work at this really subtle back from class boys on porch playing guitar stop by for a better house of men hands leans down go to coffee sometime yes make a date what to wear Siouxsie and the banshees eyeliner long black eyeliner rim of red kabuki guess mini dress buttons down the back clutch purse smaller size little bag punchy talking latte wow’ed smell him nodding smelling see my record collection short walk house of men walk in living room decorated by men 2 tvs underwear mustard stains stoned room giant waterbed record collection path Tom Waits Frank’s Wild Years wrestling match magical bathroom house of men toilet paper no towels feet shower terrifying lichen and mold crawl mini dress exposed little rubbery yarmulke crotch over toilet smooch slams into the wall elegant slowly slides rests in the goo bottom of the wall sex life 20 flies by my eyes Cheryl Cohen’s daughter spermicide panties goo get it in superstar Siouxsie eyes fluff hair mousse and squirrel open door take a look pan goat cheese greek god now a rumpled annoyed fully dressed man how long you were gone gone 30 minutes laughing about technical difficulties no getting back long walk home 7 lbs goo of shame running down my thighs special adventure neither done that too often woman laughing hysterically in the bathroom cell phone I still think of him fondly goat boy 


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