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“How was your Breakfast. Have you tried the Flogging?” Leatherman, filmmaker and fisting aficionado Dolan Wolf visits a Kinky Brigadoon in the midwest, and has an twofold epiphany while being tortured: 1. a stern thrashing from a handsome man can be delightfully intense, and 2. it’s time to forgive his lover Simon’s meth-fueled attempt on his life. Their joyful reunion progresses to gifts, promises and a magical BDSM vacation where they make love and memories together, but only Simon can control his destiny. #DanceCard #Squelchies #PainPlay #Forgive #Imagine

CW: this story mentions trauma and relapse.


Song: ‘Crazy in Love’ (Sofia Karlberg)


About the Storyteller:


Dolan Wolf is a professional filmmaker who was born in a conservative town in England in the 70’s, grew up in the 80’s, got smacked in the mouth by the real world in the 90’s, then found leather and kink and has been using them to survive on this crazy planet ever since.

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Storytelling support by Mosa Maxwell-Smith

Dixie’s Virtual Assistant is Roillan James

& Bawdy Creator & Podcast Host Dixie De La Tour

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