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Have you ever had muscular strangers seek you out for your tiny hands? Trans activist Mx Shannon Amitin is no stranger to San Francisco’s kinky underbelly, but when an infamous trans tourist he admires wants a sexual blowout on Folsom weekend, Shannon escorts them all over his city - and ends up elbow deep in a tub of Crisco for the first time. #MakeMeAMuppet #DirtyQueer #Sling



Song: ‘I Can Change’ (Ezra Furman)


About the Storyteller:

• Mx. Shannon Amitin is a Trans activist, community leader, and entrepreneur. Shannon has volunteered with The Compton’s Transgender District, Castro LGBT Cultural District, served on the planning committee for Trans March SF and fundraised for numerous Bay Area non-profits. Amitin’s last project is the ground-breaking San Francisco trans youth of color-led coffee and event cooperative. Fluid is a partnership with La Cocina’s Municipal Marketplace in the Tenderloin.

Today, Amitin is looking to use their experience building community among diverse groups of LGBTQ communities to make these cities a better place for all queer folks. They have served on the boards of the Castro Merchants, the Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club, and were elected to the newly legislated Castro LGBTQ Cultural District.

At the end of the day, Amitin sees their projects as a service to the communities they call home. The mission is simple and personal as hell; fighting to keep LGBTQ communities safe, thriving and dancing.

In addition to his commercial work, Amitin is a tireless advocate and innovator, working to create safe spaces and events for the entire Queer and Trans community. Learn more about Shannon at


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