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Do you find it spooky to explore new boundaries? Former political organizer & Bonobo Network founder William Winters really connects with Jamie when they speak on a panel called “Liberate your ass: sexual freedom is key in fighting the right” and their brain boners for each other are mutual. Then late one night, Jamie texts; she’s in town but sleeping on a friend’s couch, so feverish with lust, William & Jamie cast caution to the wind while they search for horizontal space to hook up before her flight home. Lessons & Takeaways: she’s an exhibitionist, and 3 feet isn’t as far as you think it is! #RulesOfEngagement #Sketchy #Consent #SexClub


Song: ‘Demons’ (Hayley Kiyoko)


About the Storyteller:

An activist, educator, and intimacy coach, William Winters is the founder and co-organizer of the Bonobo Network, an Oakland-based organization that builds community, connection, and capacity in the sex-positive and non-monogamous worlds.  William has long been an advocate for polyamory in the media, appearing in San Francisco Magazine, KQED's Forum, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the New York Times. He has facilitated conversations about polyamory and sex-positive culture in settings including university campuses, political conferences, living rooms, Burning Man, and beyond.


A campaign strategist by profession, a culture nerd by avocation, and a philosopher by major, William lives with his wife and their stupid cat in Oakland, CA.


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Referenced in William Winters’ story: Reid Mihalko’s ‘Date your Species’ relationships series:


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