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Do you shy away from new mouths and genitals after the Pandemic? Cuddle Party facilitator & emotional fermentation starter Scoby has been situationally monogamous for most of COVID, and now she’s ready to get back out there. But at her first sex-positive retreat, but she’s feeling a lot of shame about her lack of arousal - until a meditative cockstroking workshop in the rain changes everything. And this week, come meet Dixie in person this Friday October 14th at Doghouse Leathers (715 E Pike Street, Seattle WA). Let’s hang out from 6-9 PM PST at Doghouse Leathers (our Bang-O sponsor for this show!) #SwimmingInSkin #Boundaries #Consent #Desire


Song: ‘Them’ (Flavia)


About the Storyteller:

Cuddle Party facilitator & emotional fermentation starter Scoby dove into the worlds of kink and polyamory after attending a Bawdy show in 2014. She now hosts communication and consent workshops, also known as Cuddle Parties, as a certified facilitator. While she can make kombucha (like her namesake the Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast), she’s more of an emotional fermentation process starter and also offers intimacy coaching. She can sing you any song from Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

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