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Do you ever feel like your vanilla therapist really doesn’t understand your need for sadomasochistic shenanigans? Yes, graphic artist Elizabeth Barlow’s desire for rough sex and BDSM might be ‘deflecting,’ but who would know better than the hot new relationship therapist she’s hooking up with off of a dating site? Bonus story: Have you ever been invited to join in on group sex with your crush, when all you really wanted was an innocent first date? Burning Man aficionado Soren Berg hopes to summon up the courage to ask out his theme camp neighbor Textbook just as he’s beckoned to her anonymous love-in. A newbie to this, he find her tied up and blindfolded, and he only has 90 minutes to learn the rules. With just minutes left, there’s still one wish left on the white board. Can he make her final fantasy come true? This story has an explosively happy ending - and the story is still evolving, as you’ll find out on this week’s Dixie Ramble.


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Portland Meetup: Wed October 12th 6-9 PM PST

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Seattle Meet n Greet: Friday Oct 14th 6-9 PM PST

At Doghouse Leathers, 715 E Pike St Seattle WA 

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About the Storytellers:


Elizabeth Barlow is a bisexual storyteller and artist who draws comics about queer life. She is rarely without her sketchpad, brushpens, and something loud to say.


Soren Berg lives in Seattle, where he is busy filling out his Pacific Northwest bingo card of hiking, camping, skiing, biking, and working in tech. He enjoys the polyamorous commune life, replete with many group adventures and the occasional kinky sex party.  The Seattle October 15th live show will be his fourth story for Bawdy.


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Thank you to the Team that makes this podcast possible!

Team Bawdy is:


Podcast Producer: Roman Den houdijker
Sound Engineer: David Grosof
Archivist / Video: Joe Moore

Bawdy Livestream pre-show video by Donal Mooney

Live-streaming by Rubeun Tan and Ty McKenzie

Storytelling support by Mosa Maxwell-Smith

& Bawdy Creator & Podcast Host Dixie De La Tour

& Thank you to Pleasure Podcasts. Bawdy Storytelling is proud to be part of your sex-positive podcast collective! 




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