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Do you ever wonder if Black people go to Burning Man? Pansexual Polyamorous Poet & Woman of Color Sylvia Blalock is looking for love - but how can she be with someone who won’t let her fist them? After getting stood up for the Black and White ball due to her date’s baby mama drama, she sells his ticket and buys herself one for Burning Man - and quickly meets Mr Sparkleteeth and Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, a queer POC couple who want nothing more than to make all her dusty, dirty dreams come true. Remember: When life gives you lemons, make cocktails and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer! #DaddyImHome #Queer #POC #Pansexual #FistingTip


Song: ‘Dem Cakes Tho’ (Todrick Hall)

About the Storyteller:


Sylvia L. Blalock is a  San Francisco native is the author of Uprising, a book of poetry, and is the owner/founder of Queendom Network LLC. She’s presented at the UC Berkeley Empowering Womxn of Color Conference, as well as hosting Voices That Carry, a poetry event as part of National Poetry Month.  

She’s on Instagram @sylvia.blalock


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Thank you to the Team that makes this podcast possible!

Team Bawdy is:


Podcast Producer: Roman Den houdijker
Sound Engineer: David Grosof
Archivist / Video: Joe Moore

Bawdy Livestream pre-show video by Donal Mooney

Live-streaming by Rubeun Tan

Storytelling support by Mosa Maxwell-Smith

& Bawdy Creator & Podcast Host Dixie De La Tour

& Thank you to Pleasure Podcasts. Bawdy Storytelling is proud to be part of your sex-positive podcast collective! 




Weekend Memorial Day rootbeer floats broken heart openly having adventures agreement this summer adventures puppy pile cocktails floor show watch penchant single pansexual polyamorous woman of color experiences dreamed lifestyle pansexual sample gender flavors polymourous eat them all at once sexually do fisting intimate connection touching someone’s pulse from the inside connection home men marrying kind high school sweetheart fuckbuddies rough time couple failed listless reaped long term relationship singing to each other smartphone check-ins ate dick intimidated impress him tickets Black and White Ball la dee da event vanilla upscale send me text baby mama curfew on the penis can’t go gaslight this is me pissed feelings hurt bingewatch Buffy the Vampire slayer lemonade Craigslist ticket Burning Man newspaper Aunt Flo white gown ball romantic evening August happy tribe vibe thing first public place humiliated Carrie heartbroken humiliated processed cried pity party tied sarong afro right bare kitties out Mr Sparkleteeth Denzel Washington chocolate bicycle speedo package ride double take gum commercial bing chopping baby mama shit flowers Robert partner Sheldon Big Bang Theory generator Hitachi magic wand Dixie cotton balls tips gloves pricking fingernails likely candidate giving orders not lust make that happen best safe place hand in him didn’t even know move the energy rotation going invitation goddesses burning man Sheldon calling Jesus Daryl whispers cum slow fast deep long daddy strokes where you been all my life


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