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What do Marilyn Monroe and Reinvention have in common? For our last episode of 2021, Trans Role Model Billie Bertan tells us how she came to love herself. How can a child who knew only knew hunger and homelessness become the poster child for rebirth? In this epic true tale, Billie encounters Marilyn, cinematic superstar Ondine, the iconic Andy Warhol, and finds her people among the illegal homosexuals of Central Park’s Vaseline Flats. But Billie was just getting started: she hitchhiked to San Francisco to Transition at 50, she’s now 38 years sober, she recently gave up smoking after 66 years, and this year - at the age of 80 - she lectured at Stanford. 

Aunt Billie wants you know: Anything is possible, and Pleasure is your Birthright! #Trans #RememberWhoYouAre #CharmingPinkBow


Song: ‘Body and Mind‘ (Girl in Red)

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