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What’s your Safeword, and will you wear the mask? When role-playing nerd Scott Glancy receives an anonymous invite to room 305 of the OceanView motel in Orlando FL, he has no idea what - and who! - waits behind that hotel room door. Is it Helen Mirren with a bullwhip? A Tom of Finland biker gang? But he must know, so he dons the fur-lined mask attached to the note, and discovers that the story of what happened inside has a shocking effect on strangers. But: is the story his Wingman, or is he the story’s Wingman? Like the 10 foot cockroach problem, this might be the world’s most dangerous tale! #Imagination #FinishTheStory #PushAllTheButtons


Song: ‘The Story’ (Brandi Carlile)


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5 Things to be Grateful for

Thank you to Bawdy superfine superfan Matthew Walker for this week’s 5 Things to be Grateful For:

1. “Let's start with steam powered giraffe, a three piece steam punk band ran by a trans woman in metallic face paint”:


2. “Dolly Parton’s America" is about another iconic  southerner who has a great chest and doesn’t take any messing around” (I love Dolly Parton, thanks for the ultimate compliment, Matthew!)

3. “There’s my new favourite band, The Orion Experience, which usually serve up brilliant electric guitar hits about debauchery and confection”:

4. “Let's throw in a burlesque act for flavour” (Matthew, I love the way you spell ‘flavour’ & ‘favourite’!) 

5. "And something really tame and calming that I'm also vibing with”


BONUS: Matthew loves this Guided Meditation for Sleep... Floating Amongst the Stars


And on a personal note: “I'm getting my final result next week and I'm looking forward to that! Hopefully I'll be a real grown up soon” - Matthew

Matthew, being a grown-up is highly overrated - but Best of Luck on your final result! - Dix


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